You Live & You Learn

I loved, I trusted, I prayed, and I didn’t know.  I assumed the best in a person and trusted that they always had me at their best interest (this is in reference to friendships & relationships). I lived it and refuse to shy away or make excuses for anything that happened.

 I’ve been told by close friends that I am very strong for walking away from situations that seemed impossible to walk away from so quickly. One thing I will say is do not confuse the term strong with worth. Strong is holding yourself together through break downs, but picking yourself back up and not staying in that feeling of darkness and emptiness. Worth is knowing that you don’t deserve being with someone who breaks you down to your lowest point. My walking away had more so to do with worth than being strong. I learned how to be strong when I realized my self-worth and knew I had no other choice.  If I had known any different from the beginning, I would have chosen differently. I would have taken my “I didn’t know” moment and prayed, then trusted and then loved. The truth is, I don’t regret any of my experiences. Sometimes you have to stand close to the fire to learn how to not get burned in your next experience. It’s a learning and growing process.
I didn’t know, but I learned.

3 thoughts on “You Live & You Learn

  1. The path you walk is one of many you will tread. Stay true, as you are, and your wisdom will blossom!
    Keep listening. Keep learning. Keep writing. ❤


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