Escaped Love Thoughts….

Chapter to Chapter…. I always keep the pages flipping.

Each page in my book of life has always kept me wanting to move ahead to see what else the author has in store for me. The author in my case is God. Luckily for me,  the author has always kept me in line and always had me in His best interest.
As years went by, I’ve learned to understand that everyone has their own definition of Love. Mine started before my book was written. Love for me happened when God brought me in this world as His very own. Love then was given to me as a child when my parents showed me unconditional love. I even had the same love for my siblings where I learned that fights and arguments don’t override the fun and loving memories I have with them. I learned that the relationship of love I had with my family eventually taught me the love I had for other people, friends, and even past boyfriends. Through this love, I’ve also learned that you will hurt some people and they will hurt you, but this is part of life. Something everyone should consider is that everyone loves differently. Everyone experiences their own type of love from childhood into adulthood. Through my experience of trying to understand love, I’ve learned that some types of love are toxic and it’s okay to walk away from those that are. I’ve learned to keep the love that respects and shows truth and honesty in my circle. It’s important to keep striving for higher ideal relationships when many times it has fallen short.
It’s natural to be fearful of what the future of Love has in store for you, but always remember the Author of your book has already written the book for you and knows every detail and sentence that will happen. Have faith that at the end, everything will be okay and that He will always give you a happy ending. I still believe in fairy tales. 

11 thoughts on “Escaped Love Thoughts….

  1. … Everyone was exposed to love in different ways so everyone doesn’t love the same way you or I do. What an interesting point , that really puts things into perspective. Lovely, well done!


  2. This is amazing. Some people say they never been in love. I had conversation asking when do you know you’re in love. But I been loved my whole life and I have seen love in my family with my parents, siblings, and relatives. And when there is no one around then the man upstairs got me. I like this new hobby keep it up cuz. Love ya!


  3. Beautifully written! I love how you relate everything to our experience with love with God and your family. We always forget where we learned how to love, this was a great reminder.


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